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Toilet Laundry Soap Cutting Machine

Product Item: Y-SC001
Category: Electric Soap Cutter
Views: 647
Mould: as per your request
material: carbon steel
raw material: soap noodles
Product Manual:Toilet Laundry Soap Cutting Machine, laundry soap cutter, electric soap cutter, soap cutting machine, rectangular shape soap cutter, soap die-cutter


Toilet Laundry Soap Cutting Machine
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Product description of Laundry Soap Bar Cutter:

  1. This electronic laundry soap cutting machine is mainly used to  continuous automatically cut different size soap bars , out of from vacuum soap plodder, cutting the block into cakes and stamp patterns on the soap bars.
  2. Because of electronic tracking system, it can cut laundry soap bars with any sizes and weight after setting the computer.
  3. The mold wheels are run by the moving of soap bar from soap plodder.
  4. The characters of soap is clear, and side of soap is vertical, smooth and neat, and operation setting is simple.
  5. It can meet a variety of different sizes of required to overcome the fault of traditional laundry soap cutting machine.
  6. The mold can be customized made as per your request, like the size/logo.

Machine parameter of Laundry Soap Bar Cutter:
Type Capacity(kg/h) Knives Power(Kw) Function Cutting bar size: Mould
YM-SC001 The same speed with
vacuum plodder
4 1.5 Used to cut different size of laundry/toilet soap bars Length: 50-400mm
Wide: As per your request
High: As per your request
1set, tailored as per your logo




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