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1, Q: Soap industry production process?

A, Basically, the soap production need 2steps:
a, using all kinds of oil&fast as material to produce semi-finished soap noodle;

b, using seme-product soap noodles to produce end bar soap.

2, Q:What is the kinds of the soaps?

A: For convenience, we separate the soap into two kinds, toilet soap for washing hand&taking bath, herbal soap, hotel soap, antiseptic soap are included;

The second kind is laundry soap for washing clothes, etc.

3,Q: What kind of oil is suitable for soap production?

A: All kinds of vegetable oil and animal fats are usable, palm oil, cotton seed oil, tallow oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc.

4,Q: What is the floor of the workshop size?
A: For oil line: 35*7m with height 7m;

For soap noodle line: 25*3m with height 4m.

5,Q: What is the formula?
A: Raw material is oil, caustic soda and salt; semi-product is soap noodle, perfume and color.

Accurate formula based on your local market's request is available after confirmation of order.

6,Q: How about the Engineer and technique support?
1, We would send engineer overseas for machine installation, staff training and production test running, till your own staff can operate the machine well and product out qualified soaps.
2, During the life-span of our machines, we should give consistent technique support and service, and we are pleasure to be on service of you.(24hours on line)