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Laundry soap, soap, medicated soap it comes to soap, we will think of yellow laundry soap, red medicated soap, and colorful soap. They are all soaps, which are the same in terms of raw materials and production principles. They are all made of animal oil, vegetable oil and caustic soda through saponification reaction.

The difference between soap and soap is: the requirements for raw materials are different. The production of laundry soap is a variety of common animal and vegetable oils, and generally does not need to undergo complex refining treatment. In order to reduce costs, 10-20% of the total amount of soap is often added to the formula. % of other additives, the production of soap is made of palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, etc. Before making soap, it must be refined by alkali refining, decolorization and deodorization to make it a colorless and odorless pure oil; laundry soap The raw materials are simple, and the cost is lower than that of soap. There are more than a dozen ingredients in the soap, and the functions include skin care and antibacterial. This is because higher-grade flavors are added during processing.

The difference between medicated soap and laundry soap is that medicated soap adds various drugs with different functions to the soap base. There are many types of medicated soaps: there are sulfur soaps for the treatment of scabies; there are boric acid soaps and carbolic acid soaps with disinfection effect.

Laundry soaps are generally only used for washing clothes due to their slightly more alkaline properties. The soap is low in alkali content, contains skin care ingredients, and has a rich and attractive aroma. It can be used for hand washing, face washing, bathing, etc. Medicated soap has strong bactericidal power and can be used for bathing, washing hands, washing patients' clothes or other disinfectant washing purposes. However, due to the irritating nature of the drug, care should be taken to prevent soap from penetrating into the eyes when using it.