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  • Soap Saponification Plant
  • Soap Saponification Plant
  • Soap Saponification Plant
Soap Saponification PlantSoap Saponification PlantSoap Saponification Plant

Soap Saponification Plant

  • Product Item : Y-T1000
  • Category: Saponification plant
  • capacity:200-2000kg/h
  • type:chemical type
  • material: carbon steel
  • raw material: soap noodles
  • Product description:Soap Saponification Plant, toilet soap finishing line, laundry soap production line, toilet laundry soap saponification line, toilet soap saponification plant, laundry soap saponification plant

Soap Saponification Plant

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Products photos of Toilet Laundry Soap Production Finishing Line:

Product description of Toilet Laundry Soap Production Finishing Line:
1. This toilet laundry soap production line  take soap noodles as raw materials.
2. The production starts with mixing soap noodles and perfume and other additiontives.
2.  Then the mixed soap noodles enters in the three  roller miller by conveyor belt, where soap thin sheets are made.
3. The soap thin sheet then converted into desired long strip soap by the double screws vaccum soap plodder machine.
4. Then the long strip soap are cut into the different sizes of soap bars required size by cutting machine.
and the toilet soap is printed different shapes by soap stamper/soap printing machine.
5. Finally, the soap bars are packed by packing machine if needed.
6. Soap bars can be made 60g,120g,200g,260g,and so on
Features of Toilet Laundry Soap Production Finishing Line:
1. The finishing lines of Series for toilet and translucent soap bring together all components that are most reliable, most durable, supplied by the most famous vendors in the world.
2. The mechanical design is tend to be simplified, more robust, low energy consumption, low off-stream rate, easy to be maintained ,more people-oriented and with good view both outside and inside of the machines.
Advantages of Toilet Laundry Soap Production Finishing Line
1.Full automatic production line
2.Capacity can be from 75-2000kg/h.
3.Soap size depends on client demands
4.Good performance & high efficiency
Machine parameter of Toilet Laundry Soap Production Finishing Line:
Main machines Specification Power Frequency Voltage Function
Soap Mixer 1650*1000*1150mm 3kw 50Hz 380v Mixing the material and neat soap, also crushing the bad soap bars.
3 roller miller 1350*1670*1050mm 7.5kw 50Hz 380v rubbing soap material
Semi-finished product conveyor 4500*730*1650mm 2.2kw 50Hz 380v convey soap pieces
Double-screws vacuum soap plodde 3750*900*2100mm 24.5kw 50Hz 380v vacuum ploddering
Vacuum pump -- 1.5kw 50Hz 380v vacuum bubble pumping
Laundry soap bar cutting machine 800*360*800mm
3kw 50Hz 380 cut the soap into different sizes and weight,  and print words and logo on the soap bar
Toilet soap stamper machine 800*300*1000mm 3KW 50Hz 380v print different shapes toilet soap with different logo
Products conveyor 3000*500*1000mm 0.75kw 50Hz 380v Convey products
Soap chiller 1500*700*1700mm 2.5kw 50Hz 380v auxiliary equipment of  the soap printer
Soap packaging machine 3900 * 940 *1500mm 3kw 50Hz 380v packing toilet and laudnry soap bars

Different capacity of Toilet Laundry Soap Production Finishing Line :
Toilet soap production line
: 100/200/300/500/800/1000kg/h
Laundry soap production line:100/200/300/500/800/1000/1500/2000kg/h